NASA Spacex CRS-16 Mission

I recently got the word that I was selected to work with the NASA social team for the launch of there SpaceX CRS-16 mission. A week after I found out I was selected, I left South Dakota ahead of an ice storm, destination - Cape Canaveral, Florida. I had a whole schedule built in for me for the 2 days leading up to the launch. We spoke with NASA Scientists for a live NASA tv event, we toured NASA facilities - including the Vehicle Assembly Building where most of the rockets are assembled and positioned for launch, we visited the launch site where the Dragon Rocket launched from, and had access to a special a location on the NASA grounds to watch the launch. I arrived to check in at 8am on Monday morning and met with the rest of the team of 30 or so people that I’d be spending the next few days with. It was a mix of social media personalities, You-tubers, photographers and content creators. Almost everyone had one thing in common - a shared enthusiasm for all things space related. I learned so much about the history of the space program, and all of the amazing work that SpaceX and all of NASA are doing. It’s mind boggling to think how far we have come as a species, and a lot of that progress has to do with the space program and the boundaries they’re pushing. It was an amazing opportunity and I’m very grateful to the folks at NASA for bringing me out. Looking forward to doing it again.